My Story

 Thank you for visiting my Website: My name is Beth Chambo and I offer home parties, open houses, and basket parties. Home parties are perfect if you or your guests are unfamiliar with Scentsy products. I'll set up a display and demo how safe and easy Scentsy Warmers and wickless candle bars are to use. Then we'll pass out the fragrances and have some fun! Open House parties are a great choice if your guests already know and love Scentsy. We'll choose a 2-3 hour window and invite guests to come and go as they please. I'll set up a display and share Scentsy in a low pressure atmosphere. Basket parties are for the host on the go. I'll provide you with a small kit, which will include fragrance testers, order forms, catalogs and other essentials you will need. You can take it to your office or home to home as you visit family and friends over the course of at least a week. Do you like to shop online? Check out my personal website.  Do you like to have a "girls night out" but "in" ? Consider a Home show. Do you want extra cash and love the products? Join my team for $99. Contact me with any questions you may have. I'm here to help! Local in Michigan ( Scentsy Safe Wickless Flameless ) Beth Chambo<!--endbody-->